name: rowlat, froggy, take ur pickz
favourite things: checkerboard, red hoodies, anything mildly problematic so i can pretend it has societal relevance
location: in your house
weapon of choice - ak-47/chainsaw
favourite food: meat pie (america, you're mizzing out!!)
favourite drink: pepsi, fanta, monster, HUGE fan of just plain milk!
favourite music genre: game soundtracks, hyperpop, unusual songs listen to mah playlist!!
favourite bands: daft punk, gorillaz, passion pit, stxlkin
favourite musician: damon albarn
favourite game console: nintendo 2ds
favourite game genre: simulation/casual
favourite game: sims 4 !!! POSTAL comes in a close second.
favourite colour: shocking not red. yellow comes first, then red, then black.
favourite pokemon: are you fucking kidding me?
my idols: POSTAL dude, Murdoc Niccals, Hatsune Miku